5 Ways Smart Security Can Benefit Your Retail Business

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5 Ways Smart Security Can Benefit Your Retail Business

Smart security systems are very popular in homes nowadays.  People don’t just want a security system that turns on and off; they want one that can control your thermostat, unlock a door, or turn on a light.  At home these conveniences make it possible for you to get on with the things and people you love and let your security system do some of the menial tasks for you.

But what about in a retail setting?  How can these features work for you to make your business run smoother and take better care of your employees?  In this blog we will outline five ways a smart security system using Reed Security’s Alarm.com platform can help you in your retail space.

Opening Hours

With Reed’s smart security platform, you can program your opening hours into your web portal.  This tells the system when to expect activity on the property.  Once you’ve set your operating hours for each day of the week, the system can send you real-time notifications if the system is either disarmed late or armed early.  This allows you to keep track of your employees and make sure your customers are getting the full service they expect.

Know Who’s In

Setting up a high-definition video camera on the premises not only keeps a record of activity to ensure your employees and customers safe, but can also assist you in being aware of what’s happening when you’re away from the store.  For example, you can program your camera to record a short video clip when the system is disarmed in the morning and e-mail it to you, so you know which employee got to work early.  The system can also send you a text letting you know which user armed the system at the end of their shift.  All of this allows you to be completely in the loop even when you’re not on site.

Daily Activity

Even if you don’t have video cameras on your property, the Alarm.com app keeps track of everything for you.  Need to track down the first time the delivery door was opened last Thursday?  No problem, that information is available at your fingertips.  Maybe you want to know how many times the freezer door gets opened in a day?  If there’s a sensor on there, you’ve got the data.  Want to make sure your employees are sweeping the floors as often as they should?  Put a sensor on the broom cupboard and the info is all yours.

Real-Time Access

Being able to control access to your building has never been simpler.  Whether you’ve got a full access control system on your entry doors, complete with swipe cards or pin pads, or whether you just want to keep track of individual user codes being entered on the keypad, our smart security platform has the solution.  Maybe you had to let an employee go under less-than-ideal circumstances, and you’re not there in person to deal with it?  You can delete or suspend their access card and security code right from your phone in real time.  Perhaps you’re a small one-person shop and you had to step out, and that delivery you were waiting for finally shows up?  From your smart phone you can open the door, disarm the alarm, and watch the delivery driver drop off the goods.

Environmental Alerts

Many businesses rely on temperature-controlled coolers and freezers to keep their products safe for their customers.  Installing a temperature probe inside allows you to get real-time alerts, should the temperature rise above safe levels.  That’s something you might not notice even if you’re working 10 feet away from the freezer, but Alarm.com will pick up on it and let you know so you can deal with it before it becomes an issue.  The same goes for water, fire and even carbon monoxide.  Let your security system watch that for you so you can get back to making your customers happy!

This is just a sampling of the ways a smart security system can help you manage your retail business.  Every system Reed Security installs is customized to meet your exact needs, so you can get the alerts you need when you need them.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


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