Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial video surveillance systems don’t just protect your business against break-ins, they allow you to capture internal theft, track employee time, substantiate injury claims and enhance employee safety. As a business owner, you can track every time a specific door is opened, verify which operator forgot to lock the gate, or determine the cause of a Workers Compensation claim. Live video monitoring is also available, which is more efficient and cost effective than hiring a security guard for your site.

Quality is the key here. We don't just want your money - we want you to be satisfied. That's why you won't see us installing cheap cameras or draping cables all over the place. Excellence  takes Effort. That's why we work as hard as we do to make it look (and work) right.

Keeping an Eye on Your Business

Commercial video surveillance systems are usually about property and asset protection and are used for a wide range of applications.  While a break-in is still something worth protecting against, video surveillance also captures internal theft and time tracking, clarifies injury claims, and enhances employee safety.  

As a business owner, you can track every time a specific door is opened, which can be really helpful if something mysteriously goes missing. Video footage is useful in determining which operator forgot to lock the gate, which operator drove into the door with the forklift, or the cause of a Workers Compensation claim. 

Live video monitoring is available for commercial properties, which is more efficient and cost effective than hiring a security guard for your site! From local small businesses to multi-location enterprises, our professional-grade SmartBusiness security, energy management and ReedHD™ video monitoring solutions provide the tools you can rely on to be there when you can’t. In addition to protection from external threats, our systems reduce theft, increase awareness and provide  instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs.

Our commercial video surveillance cameras range from basic 1080p to 4K and beyond. We offer both cloud-based solutions and traditional hard drive-based storage options, and can work with almost any budget. 

Quality is the key here. We don't just want your money - we want you to be satisfied. You can rest assured knowing that we’ll be installing high-quality equipment by industry trained professionals.

Certified, Experienced and Fully Committed

What sets Reed Security apart is its people. Unfortunately, the security industry currently doesn’t have minimal educational or certification requirements so you could be dealing with an unqualified salesperson. 

With an Electronics Engineering designation from SAIT, over 15 years of experience in security, and Kantech access control certification, Dave Schlegel, Calgary’s Reed Security authorized dealer has the background and experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Dave prides himself on providing small town service for your big city needs. He is inspired by other small businesses who use Canadian suppliers and do great work taking care of their customers. He strives for 100% customer satisfaction, because he knows that’s the healthiest way to grow a business. 

State of the Art Technology and Superior Service

ou can expect the highest quality equipment and unrivaled customer service. Our in-home/onsite consultation ensures every job is a custom job, and is based on an honest assessment of your needs.

We want to be your security company

Please fill out the form below and let us help you achieve peace of mind. 

A Reed Security Specialist will meet with you to review your needs and budget. After we provide a written estimate and references, you can decide if Reed Security is the right option for you. Contact us today for your in-home or onsite consultation. Estimates are always FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

Custom Solutions Based on Your Business Needs

Following an onsite consultation to determine the needs of your business, we put together a proposal, typically with good/better/best options for you to consider. When a decision is made, we order the equipment and get an installation date booked, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Once on site, we run the cables, mount the cameras, and get you set up for viewing remotely from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Tweaking is sometimes necessary to make sure you're seeing exactly what you want to see, so a return trip or two may be necessary to make sure you're completely happy. That's all part of the service! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much recording time will I get?

A: All of our systems have different storage options; you tell us what you need to see and for how long, and we'll make sure you have the right cloud storage package or hard drive size to see what you need. 

Q: Why do you need to run wires? Can't we just use Wi-Fi?

A: Yes and no. Even a Wi-Fi camera needs power, so a wire is still required. While we do use Wi-Fi cameras when absolutely necessary, they are usually not the best option; exterior walls (particularly brick or stucco) can make Wi-Fi cameras very slow or unresponsive, and they rely entirely on your internet to work. Usually we find a wired system end-to- end to be much more reliable. 

Q: Will I be able to read licence plates on the street? 

A: With the right camera and under the right conditions, absolutely! But be warned: modern video surveillance is incredible, but it is not like the TV shows where you can just "enhance" any image to get the information you're looking for. If one of your requirements is capturing licence plates, please let your sales rep know at your consultation, and they will work with you to find the right camera for you. 

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Crime happens. Don’t wait until after the fact - protect what matters most today. 

Contact us for an in-home or onsite consultation - FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION. Reed Security always goes the extra mile because we know Excellence takes Effort. Let’s work together to customize security solutions that protect your family and your business.

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