6 Ways Security Cameras Can Help Your Business

6 Ways Security Cameras Can Help Your Business

Video surveillance technology has come a long way in our lifetime.  Gone are the days of grainy black-and-white images on a 15” monitor!  Today’s security cameras give you crisp, high-definition images in day, low-light and even night conditions.  They are vandal proof and can work in -40o temperatures.  With the right camera installed the right way, you can catch a licence plate number from 100 feet away in a blizzard, follow an intruder across your yard, count how many people enter your store in a given period, even see a heat-map of your store to see where your customers are spending most of their time.

Despite how far the technology has come, many business owners are on the fence about whether to add a camera system to their business, or to upgrade a 10-year-old analog system.  Cost can seem prohibitive, and while they sure are nice toys to play with, are they really adding any value to your property’s security?  Most businesses already pay for a monitored alarm system; what will a camera system do that’s worth the extra cost?

First off, we need to point out that cameras are not as expensive as they used to be.  In fact, a beautiful high-definition camera with infra-red LEDs costs less now than an analog camera did 10 years ago.  But it is still an investment, and you need to know that your investment is going to pay off. 

Here are some great points to consider, regarding adding video to your building’s security:

1. Property Awareness

As a business owner or manager, you can’t be everywhere at once.  Whether you’re holed up in your office on endless conference calls, out and about running errands to keep your company productivity up, or even on vacation somewhere sunny, the ability to check in on your business at any time can be a real game changer.  Being able to scan the parking lot to see if that one car is there, checking the kitchen to see how the staff is keeping up, or watching the warehouse floor to see if that big delivery has arrived yet; these are all things that can keep you feeling on top of things even when you can’t be there in person.

2. Internal Theft

A recent study showed that 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer.  A staggering 43% of shrinkage reported by retail outlets was due to internal theft, which is a higher figure than shoplifting (36%).  Not only that, but many people are installing cameras to catch their employees stealing time from them – showing up late and leaving early for shifts.  Putting cameras in key areas, and letting your staff know they are there, can go a long way to eliminating this.

3. Safety

Incidents happen in the workplace every day, causing bodily injury, among other things.  Some incidents occur without any witnesses.  Having high-definition footage of an incident can help yourself and the Workers Compensation Board separate a fraudulent claim from a legitimate claim, offering safety for both you and your employees.  It can also help to answer the age-old question of who backed the truck into the loading dock.

4. Catching Criminals

Calgary had over 4,200 break-and-enters in the first half of 2020 alone.  In many cases it is impossible to determine who the perpetrator was; even if there is a suspicion, the courts need hard evidence in order for you to press charges.  While it is still possible for someone to avoid cameras or to disguise oneself during a break-in, having HD video surveillance significantly increases your chances of getting hard evidence.  Even if your footage can’t solve your case now, the Police will keep it on file and it may help solve other cases in the future.

5. Deterrent

If your building has cameras, and the one next door doesn’t, it’s a no-brainer for a criminal.  Most intruders are looking for a crime of opportunity, not a well-planned heist.  More often than not, just the presence of the cameras themselves will reduce the amount of crime your business has to suffer through.  This applies to internal theft as well.

6. Save Money

Ultimately, the amount of money you can prevent from leaving your bank account due to internal theft, break-ins, and fraudulent claims can be enough to pay for a high-definition camera system multiple times over.  Many businesses even notice an upsurge in employee productivity as a result of the added surveillance.

These are just some of the reasons why our clients have chosen to install video surveillance systems in their Calgary businesses.  We have seen clients save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars because they had the right equipment in the right place.  In most cases, the benefits are measurable almost instantly.  So be sure to take all this into consideration when making plans to increase your business’ security.  From 1080p to 4K and beyond, Reed Security has the cameras you need to help your business be even more successful.

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