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Residential Alarm Systems

Reed Security provides high-quality electronic security to detect anyone entering the perimeter of your home and coverage of your home’s interior. Vulnerable entry points are prioritized so that they are 100% covered and secondary weak spots are identified for additional coverage.   In addition, we install environmental coverage to…

Residential Video Surveillance

Cameras are about feeling safe and allow you to view your home from wherever you are, monitor children and pets when you can’t be there, and deter criminal activity.  Whether you’re looking to catch an intruder in your yard or communicate with someone at your door in real time, cameras add an added level of protection to your home. …

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Crime happens. Don’t wait until after the fact - protect what matters most today. 

Contact us for an in-home or onsite consultation -  FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION. Reed Security always goes the extra mile because we know Excellence takes Effort. Let’s work together to customize security solutions that protect your family and your business.

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