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Reed Security helps you protect what matters most with cutting-edge smart security. Whether in your home or at your business, we want you to feel fully protected with the best in residential and commercial security alarms, surveillance equipment and access control solutions. 

Following an in-home or onsite consultation, our certified and highly experienced professionals will assess your needs and customize a security system to meet your unique needs. Reed Security is committed to ensuring families feel safe and connected to their homes, and helping businesses reduce theft, control access and grow their bottom lines - 24/7. Quality equipment coupled with unrivaled service and support sets us apart from the ‘big guys’. We’ve got you covered with our small town service for your big city needs.

Why Reed Security?

Reed Security was founded in 2000 by Virgil Reed in Saskatoon, SK. We currently serve 5000+ clients across Saskatchewan and Alberta and are expanding throughout Canada

Dave Schlegel, with an Electronics Engineering Diploma from SAIT, began working at Reed Security when he moved to Saskatoon from Calgary in 2013 while his wife was pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of Saskatchewan.In 2016, when it was time for Dave and his family to return to Calgary, he and Virgil decided there was a place in the Calgary market for a best in class security alarm system provider, and Dave became Calgary’s Reed Security authorized dealer.

Today, with over 20 years of offering the best in home and commercial security systems, Reed Security continues to be inspired by small companies who do great work at taking care of their customers. Our in-home/on-site consultation with a local, experienced professional ensures the right security system and best value for your peace of mind. 

Reed Security isn’t just about the newest surveillance technology - we are a Canadian security alarm company working with Canadian suppliers to customize solutions that meet your unique home and business security equipment and service needs

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our Mission

We use Cutting Edge technology to help People feel safe, stay connected and regain control.

  • Our Vision

We provide Effective all-inclusive solutions and a great experience to ensure our highest standards are always met.

  • Our Why

We Care – About our People, Solutions, Clients, Dealers and Community.

  • Our Values

 Excellence, Leadership, Innovation, Tenacity, Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork and Family

As a Reed Security authorized dealer, Dave is empowered to do what is RIGHT for his residential and commercial clients in Calgary and surrounding communities. He prides himself on providing high quality equipment, professional installs and unrivaled customer service.

We want to be your security company

Please fill out the form below and let us help you achieve peace of mind. 

A Reed Security Specialist will meet with you to review your needs and budget. After we provide a written estimate and references, you can decide if Reed Security is the right option for you. Contact us today for your in-home or onsite consultation. Estimates are always FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

What Are Some Of The Key Services We Offer?

Residential Alarm Systems 

Security means knowing your kids are home safely from school, ensuring your family is protected when you’re away on business, and receiving early warning of events such as flooding or fire.

We provide high-quality electronic interior and exterior alarm systems, environmental protection systems, and smart home functionality. 

Residential Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras allow you to view your home from wherever you are, monitor children and pets, and provide evidence and identify criminals. Video cameras have also been proven to deter criminal activity. 

Whether you're looking for a doorbell camera, a camera to watch your driveway, or something to capture the licence plate of a vehicle 100 feet away, we can work with you to find the right solution. 

Commercial Alarm Systems 

You can’t be at work all the time.  Protect your business from both external and internal threats with a security system that is fully customized to your needs.

We provide high-quality electronic security to detect a breach in the perimeter of a property, coverage for the interior of the property, and environmental protection (flood, fire, etc) to offer peace of mind when you're not on site.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial video surveillance systems are about property, asset and employee protection, and are used for a wide range of applications. 

While a break-in is certainly worth protecting against, video surveillance also captures internal theft and time tracking, clarifies injury claims, and enhances employee safety.  

Commercial Access Controls

Are your employees or tenants always losing their keys? Have you lost track of who has access to which doors? Do you need people to be able to access your site after hours? 

Using keyfobs and swipe cards, Access Control allows you to fully manage who accesses your facility, and when. We even work with biometric scanners (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc) as well as fever screening terminals, which can deny access to anyone exhibiting an elevated body temperature.

What Clients Are Saying

Your peace of mind starts here

Crime happens. Don’t wait until after the fact - protect what matters most today. 

Contact us for an in-home or onsite consultation -  FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION. Reed Security always goes the extra mile because we know Excellence takes Effort. Let’s work together to customize security solutions that protect your family and your business.

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